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  • Rechargeable Flash Cure LED  Lamp 9w

Name:Rechargeable Flash Cure LED  Lamp 9w
Large Battery Volume:2500mAH
LEDs:1pcs 365+405nm High Power leds

Product Description

Cordless & Rechargeable for mobile use

Portable & Lightweight for easy carry

Light Speed Flash curing for Soft Gel Tips & Gel Reparis or any uv led Gel polish

9 watts, 3pcs 365+405nm High Power leds

Touch Sensor Button with 30s Timmer

Built-in Battery 1000mAh last for 5 hours

Full Charging time @ 2.5 hours

3-in-1 reflector cup for even light distribution

Optical Micro-mirrow toucghened glass for focused beam

Input: 5V/2A with Type-C USB port

To charge, connect the lamp with laptop / computer or smartphone charger etc.

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